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What makes us unique and stand out amongst our competitors is; the ambition and commitment we foster and boost in providing quality and dependable service, efficient as well as effective project management expertise, with guaranteed completion and/ or updates while meeting production set targets.

About us

PARADIGMA is a privately owned company specializing in; civil engineering, marine and open pit mining, as well as; environmental projects, quarrying and real estate development.


Construction Products

Civil Engineering & Transportation

With sets of skills in our various departments and high levels of co-ordination amongst the teams, from the CEO, to the Project managers and all key players who have amassed experience from previous projects (road construction, building bridges, airplane hangers and many more) through strategic partnerships. Our team is responsible for some of the best works in Africa.

Real Estate Development

We deal in both rural and urban planning for our clients with a focus on providing the most suitable solution in regards to the locality of the project. We focus on high quality, environment friendly while ensuring that long lasting solutions are offered to our clients.

Infrastructure For Residential Neighborhoods & Industrial Zones

Project Development

We develop land and financial arrangements for all types of public and private works, social housing, works dedicated to leisure and culture, transport infrastructure, office buildings, among others.

Civil Engineering

We design, renovate and rehabilitate all types of buildings for human activities; individual and collective housing, industrial and commercial buildings, offices, museums, hotels, and hospitals. 

Health & Safety

We are committed to high standards of health and safety and take reasonable steps to ensure health and safety for our employees as well as clients.

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